AWRASH program 2023-2024

The Youth Association for Culture and Development stands as a leading beacon in the field of nurturing youth skills and fostering their culture.

With a firm belief in the importance of investing in the future generation, the association actively participates in the Awash Program for Educational, Cultural, and Life Skills Activation.

This program aims to enrich the personal culture of students and develop their life skills through a diverse range of activities and events.

The association believes in the importance of providing a vibrant educational environment that stimulates students and unleashes their creativity, believing that learning thrives in a journey of discovery and experimentation.

Therefore, the program offers a rich variety of educational and cultural activities, including:

  • Writing Workshops: which develop creative writing skills and introduce students to different types of writing.

  • Art Workshops: which unleash the artistic talents of students and hone their skills in drawing, sculpting, music, and theater.

  • Theater Workshops: which develop acting, directing, and theatrical production skills, and boost students' self-confidence.

  • Educational and National Anthems Workshops: which instill in students the values of patriotism and national belonging, and develop their musical skills.

  • Financial Literacy Workshops: which teach students how to manage their money and help them plan for their financial future.

The association is committed to providing all the necessary materials for students and guiding and supporting them by a qualified and experienced team, believing in the need to empower them to reach their full potential.

Through its participation in the Awash Program, the association seeks to:

  • Promote the values of cooperation, respect, and continuous learning.

  • Help students discover their talents and develop their skills.

  • Equip them with the confidence and skills necessary to build a bright future.

The Awash Workshops represent a golden gate for young people to benefit from the diverse activities and events they offer.

Through these workshops, students can:

  • Develop their creative and intellectual skills.

  • Acquire new skills in different fields.

  • Enhance their general culture.

  • Make new friends.

  • Have a fun time in a positive environment.

  • Learn the rules and techniques of singing.

  • Participate in performing educational and national anthems that promote patriotism and national belonging.

  • Learn how to manage their money and plan for their financial future.

The Youth Association for Culture and Development emphasizes the importance of all students participating in the Awash Workshops to benefit from this precious opportunity.

The association invites all young people to participate in these workshops to build a better future for themselves and for the society.

Together, we build a flourishing future for our youth!

Workshops of Awash: A Golden Gate Towards a Flourishing Future for the Youth